How to create an empty folder within an archive

  • Hi -
    Is there a way to create a new (empty) directory in an existing archive? And no, I’m not trying to archive an empty folder, I’m trying to set up a directory structure within a new archive so that I can then add files. I was looking for the equivalent to the Windows explorer method: right-click -> new -> folder

    I have a large directory tree of source code files and I want to put some of them into an archive. I do not want to necessarily archive everything in a given sub-directory, so I want to be able to create the folder structure in the archive and then selectively add files. Once this is complete I will use the freshen option to update the archive.

    Thanks for your help…

  • you could drag&drop an empty folder from the harddisk to this archive

  • Two things:

    1. I wanted to avoid creating a folder structure in Windows just to copy it into the archive (and then being left to delete the folders from Windows).

    2. Maybe its a setting that I can change, but when I drag an empty folder into an archive it does not show up. This seems like an appropriate action which should keep an archive clean of empty directories.

    What I’m looking for is a way to directly modify the directory structure of the archive.

    Thanks for the suggestion, masu.

  • conexware

    currently you have to create it first on your hard drive… you can use Move (instead of Add) and it will delete those files from the HD.

    You need to enable normal relative path option in Options> Misc for storing of root folders….


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