Code for the new PA 2007

  • Hello,

    I send now since yesterday three mails, because I need a new code for the PA 2007. My 2006 code didn’t work with the new version. I also have forgotten my Conexware account details. But nobody answer my emails. Today I write my mails in english again - before in german. So please answer my mails and send me the new code and my account details. Thank you very much.

    Kindly regards

  • Three e-mails in one day, give them a little bit to reply, like 24-48 hours. PA will still work, you just get the annoying countdown until you enter the correct code.

  • conexware

    48hrs? We are not THAT bad… I think response to email was 30 minutes for first one and then 13 hours for 2nd one (next day)… should be solved…

    thank you…

  • This post is deleted!

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