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  • I can read a ZIP AES 256 archive, I don’t know how to create one. The receiving person says they can’t read what I send.

    The Help says:
    ZIP AES methods supported:
    Encrypt (write) the PkZip 5.1 and PKWare Secure Zip 8.0 Single Password Strong Encryption (AES) formats for key lengths of 128, 192 and 256 bits.

    I try “tools:encrypt” and am presented with *.pae which I don’t appear to be able to change.

    I think I want *.zip

    Then, how do I check to see that in fact the file is encrypted?


  • conexware

    while you are creating zip, in add window, click on options tab, and then password button in the bottom right corner…

  • Ok – I see that now, I was not getting to this place when adding with drap and drop or from the finder.

    How can I check the status of an archive – read whether and which encrytption is employed?

    I have one archive that I recieved that is supposedly Zip AES 256 and i can add a file that is supposedly zip 192. How do I know how each is encoded?

  • conexware

    When you open an archive, you will see “+” next to the filename of the file in archive.

    You will not be able to see what method was used to Encryption though. Due to nature of ZIP format, each file is individual, so one archive can contain both encrypted and non encrypted files….

  • conexware

    also, when you drag and drop files to the archive, you will see encryption options at the right corner of drag and drop window….

  • Ok – if I D&D into an open archive, I see this. I was dropping onto a archive file and not seeing this.

    I guess that for encryption, I just have to take on faith that the file is encrypted.

  • conexware

    you will see + next to the filename… you just wont know what encryption was used…

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