Vista 64 and ISO / BIn files

  • Hello,

    I am having problems with CD image extractions, all the files are extracted correctly as far as the name and folder goes, but they are all maximum 2k in size. I have tried this on multiple ISO’s, bin’s, so I know the files are not corrupt.

    Anybody run into this problem ?

    I am using the trial version 10.01, had the same issue since even version 9 on Vista.

    Thank you

  • Same here. I usually unpack ISO’s with Alcohol 120% so this problem is not important to me and so far I wasn’t aware of it.

    The extracted files are 2048 bytes each. If the original file is smaller it gets unpacked correctly, all other files (as far as I can tell from some Textfiles) are cut after their first 2048 bytes, I’ll try on the x32 Vista version on the laptop on monday.

    Just to confirm the problem on Vista x64.

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