Bunch of questions..

  • Hi all.
    First is my worst problem. When unpacking archive, files are copied to TEMP and on the end of unpacking process are copied(!) again to selected directory. Isn’t there any way how to force them to copy directly there? Didn’t find option for this. It could cut time for unpacking at half.
    And two more questions about skins. Will we get ‘Default black’ skin one day? It would be great for Vista look. And what about icons sets? Can to change them independently on skin would be great too.

  • No answer, that’s pretty unusual here…:-( kk, I dug it a little. TEMP copying ocurs only when using drag and drop from archive, when using extract button, files are copied directly to destination. We talks about newest (10.00.42) version on XPSP2.

  • conexware


    Sorry for not answering so far…Extracting to temp before “copying” to destination folder is done only in D&D and because of some limitations in D&D operation - Vista requests that file exists before D&D (so they have to be extracted from archive), and XP cannot detect is the destination folder writable or not on end (so D&D to e.g. photoshop or Internet Explorer wouldn’t be possible)…We will see if there is something to enhance in the future.

    About black skin - this is whichlist that is already known - we are also working on finding this “skin”.

  • Ah, good news as always…:-) Thank You a lot, I’m looking forward to it…

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