Select file deleting problem.

  • I dont know if this is a bug or not, but ive had this problem throughout all the powerarchiver releases ive tried 8-9.
    In zome zip files whenever i try to delete a certain file a from a zip by selecting it and hitting delete it progresses but the file isnt deleted. The only way to successfuly delete the chosen file from the zip is by selecting delete and manually typing in the name of the file.
    Would love to hear some feedback on this its wierd almost as if the file isnt recognized as being selected when i try to delete it…

  • what type of file are you trying to delete and what is the name of it and what is it. What size is it and can you post it to the forums. this will aid the developers a bit. As for the ault i have not come across it with powerarchiver only that you can’t delete the archive itself without using explorer and deleting it that way.

  • conexware

    There was a problem with deleting feature in version 9.00.30. Can you please use “Help” -> “Check for update” and download 9.00.31 and then check.

  • That was it I was using the .30 version, after uninstalling it and reinstalling the new .31 everything works smooth now.
    I thought I was having this problem in version 8 as well(seemed to happen with any zip file, regardless of the filename or format of the file inside when the zip was around 1mb or above) and it would push me away from using it.
    Now thats fixed I’ve found my new and only archive utility.

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