Decode incomplete RARs?

  • Hi,
    I bought PA2007 a few days ago. Great program. Long-time WinRAR user. Love PA so far, but have a question.

    When downloading a large video file, say about 700MB total, divided into about 48 15MB sections, you can download just the first section (or first few sections), then decode this/these sections with the WinRAR “Keep broken files” option checked, and then you can play that first portion of the video to check the quality and see if the rest is worth downloading. With PA I have not been able to do this; it appears to bail out if the entire archive is not present. Can’t find anything in the Help file. Is it possible to do this with PA, and if so, how?

  • conexware

    it is not possible right now… I am not sure if we can do it with unrar.dll, we will check it out for one of the future releases…


  • That’s OK; on the rare occasion that I need to do that I can use the old-fashioned way.

    And thanks for the reply. A responsive forum is one thing I look for when deciding whether or not to buy a program. You guys are doing a good job.


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