PASHELL_xx.PLF translation file

  • PA 10.01

    the PASHELL_FR.PLF file for French translation of shell extensions messages is unadequate, thus shell extensions appear in English

    is there a way to fix this ?

  • conexware

    how do you mean unadequate? It doesnt work at all?

    Did you restart your computer after installation? Also set your language to french?


  • it contains only unreadable caracters (seen with Notepad.exe), whereas the German file PASHELL_G.PLF contains readable German strings

    yes I rebooted several times, tried to check/uncheck “use shell extensions” in the options of PA and selected French/English several times in the langage choice

    I also tried to replace the French file with the German one to see if I could start with it and then edit the file; it didn’t work
    I guess the content is copied somewhere at installation? and probably overwrites the initial English strings, as there is no PASHELL_EN.PLF file…

    thank you for your help

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