PA1001 BUG: PA clobbers Windows 'Transition Effects' settings

  • OS: Windows 2000 SP4 with all current updates
    PA: PowerArchiver 2007 10.01
    When PowerArchiver is run with the Classic theme, the Windows “Use transition effects for windows and tooltips” (Display control panel, Effects tab) is disabled. This means that when the Taskbar is set to “auto hide”, it snaps straight up instead of ‘scrolling’ up from the bottom of the screen.
    As far as I can tell, there is no valid reason for PowerArchiver to be changing this setting, much less changing it without asking.
    Reverting to PA 9.64 stops this behaviour, so I am led to think this may be an issue with the new theme engine.

    Steps to reproduce:
    Set Taskbar to Auto Hide (R-click taskbar, Properties, check Auto Hide box)
    Set transition effects to ‘Fade’ (Display control panel, Effects, Use Transition Effects for Windows and Tooltips enabled and ‘Fade’ selected from adjacent dropdown)
    Note that the taskbar ‘scrolls’ up into view when the mouse is moved to the bottom of the screen
    Run PowerArchiver, set skin to “Classic”
    Note that the taskbar now ‘snaps’ up instead of scrolling
    Quit PowerArchiver
    Note that the taskbar still ‘snaps’
    Open Display control panel, Effects tab
    Note that the Transition Effects have now been partially disabled.


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