PA 9.02 : bug when my screen reader is running, PA crashes

  • I have already mentionned this during the alpha stage (pa 9.0 alpha 17 I think). If I did not tell you about this bug since that alpha version it’s because I have temporarily switched to another archiver due to this bug. But with the 9.0 release, I thought it was no existing any more. But unfortunatly …

    Context :

    I’m a blind man who works with Jaws (a screen reader from Freedom Scientific available at
    When my screen reader is running, when I work, and when I try to browse an opened archive, I receive the following error message :

    PowerArchiver 2004 - IA Home User Claude Renaud.ZIP
    Access violation at address 74C038AC in module ‘OLEACC.dll’. Write of address 00405ACE.

    And few other messages like that but with diferent hex addresses and diferent dlls.

    Could you take a look at it please ?


  • conexware

    Hm, I supposed we fixed this bug long time before. I will check it for 9.1. Sorry you didn’t response earlier.

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