Recently used files list at startup

  • PA V. 10.00.39

    I mistakenly posted this thread in PACL forum, but the problem hasn’t gone away in the latest PA version, so here it is.
    When starting PA, it should be possible to select one of the five last-used archives from the “open” button dropdown.
    I never seem to have 5 files listed, and if I do get any, then they aren’t the most recently used. If I clear the history, and then access some more files, then exit and restart PA, I get this when I press the Open downarrow - the “Open Archive” window and NOT a dropdown list of 5 archives (i.e. they aren’t in the registry-verified by the Active_file1 to 5 list being empty).
    Win XP Pro, SP2

  • conexware


    The issue should be fixed in 10.00.41 - final 10.01.

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