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PA 10 context menu.

  • How do I change context menus? I don’t want any PA options outside of a submenu.

    Can’t seem to move items up or down, there are also no up or down buttons. Adding always just adds an item to the main context menu and not to a submenu. Also I don’t always see the complete menu - in the context menu config screen. Sometimes items are missing, and they just re-appear at random. Likewise I don’t seem to be able to delete items.

    What happened to Don’t display cascaded context menu? It was so much easier. If all windows apps start making their options so complicated I may as well switch to Linux… where it seems to be the norm to be able to customise menus.

  • conexware

    Maybe an screenshot would help, but you have Add to submenu option which will add the option to submenu.

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