Missing menu for changing user interface language

  • I’ve running Windows XP SP2 German Version and I’ve downloaded the newest version of PowerArchiver in German.
    Logged in as Admin PA appears in german but logged in as user it appears in English. I’ve tried to find the menu for language change for about an hour but I couldn’t find. I’ve also deleated the PA registry entries in HKCU but it didn’t help.

    I will switch back to version 9.64 until this error has been fixed because my familiy is to less familiar with english.
    Anyway I appreciated any help very much including a registry fix.
    Thanks and kind regards,

  • conexware

    Email us and we will give you more info on how to install it properly for all users on the computer….

  • conexware

    you can use support form above… thanks!

  • Thanks. I’ll lock for you email address this evening.

    Regards, Andreas

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