Plugin Associations

  • PA,

    I have installed both the new Plugins for PA the MSI and CHM that allows me to extract/open/view etc
    However, PA doesnt put these in the File Format Associate list.

    I have to right clIck on an MSI or CHM File and select “Open with” and select PowerArchiver 2007.

    It works without a problem……However, You would assume that when adding a plugin to an application it would intergrate itself into the associations file directory.

    Is this a bug? or something that is meant to happen? and if so Can I ask that when adding a plugin it is installed into the PA Association Screen?? This will avoid having to use the open with function all the time!


  • conexware

    yes, it would be an wish :-).

  • Fantastic! otherwise in my own Opionion there isnt much use for a program that has great plugins but doesnt intergrate it fully.

    However!, I fully empathise the sheer amount of work you have had and to create such a powerfull and different PowerArchiver! so these things sometimes pass the eye!

    The good thing is the plug ins work! it hasnt caused any crash and does the job! But to those installing plugins you will need to use the windows “open with” dialog.

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