How many run Vista?

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    How many of you run Vista? This will help us in future development, so please let us know.

    thank you!

  • Why can I never vote in the polls? I know no one really wants to hear my opinions, but it would be nice to get to vote once in a while. Anyway, I run XP on my two desktop machines and Vista on my laptop.

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    fixed 🙂

  • Kinda both! I use vista! however, I also have 3 other computers on XP Pro Service pack 2.

    The reason is testing purposes and untill most or all drivers and software supports vista I wont move over 100%.

    Note I will replace all systems in a year! seeing that microsoft will half XP’s support in less than 3! by that time the new version of windows will be released that will replace Vista!

  • Poll seems to be closed….but I’m using Vista 64 on one of my desktops and 32 bit on my laptop.

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    re-opened again

  • Alpha Testers

    I can’t use Vista because there’s no planned driver support for my Epson Stylus 480SXU printer and Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 series.

  • I install Vista as soon as it is launched on my notebook, but remove it in 1 week after use. Not because of my notebook doesnt meet the requirement, but Vista is really unfriendly right now in terms of driver issue from vendor.

    I think i will stick to XP which works great and all my hardwares are supported.

  • I’m using Vista now; that’s why I’m here. The file compression program I had been using no longer works correctly, so I thought I’d have a look at what’s available.

  • Vista x64 in active use

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    2.5% of people coming to our website use Vista


  • conexware

    so it has a long way to go…

  • I wonder what the numbers will look like this fall when the puchase of school computers start to come into play? Any predictions?

  • I’m waiting for a decent client firewall solution to support Vista before I’ll make the switch.

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    I wonder what the numbers will look like this fall when the puchase of school computers start to come into play? Any predictions?

    we will see… it will go up every day I think, as more and more people buy new computers…

    there is also a lot of negative feedback around internet which is mostly not valid, as people love to blog about things they really dont know much about 🙂

  • Well, a few days ago I broke down and upgraded to Vista Ultimate. I found that McAfee VirusScan 2007 - while not as good (in my personal opinion) as my prior security solution on XP which consisted of BitDefender antivirus combined with Outpost firewall - does work well enough to suit my needs for now while I wait for Outpost firewall to get compatible in the meantime.

    While better at this than it used to be, I wish McAfee had more options for power users and administrators. For instance, it needs an option to exclude user-specified paths from real-time scanning as well as path exclusion for manual scans. I’m afraid it’s going to wreak havoc on my trojans and rootkits while I’m defragging my pc (ahem, from back when I was younger…don’t ask :D).

    Having freshly installed Vista for the first time on an actual physical pc that furthermore had somewhat decent specs, in the beginning I was somewhat dazzled by all the flash and glitter. I still am. However, perhaps not too unlike marriage once the honeymoon is over, the cold stark reality - of some of the changes the Windows platform has undergone in Vista - is starting to sink in.

    I’ll post about some things which I really love in the new OS and rant about some things that just deserve to be ranted about - in the ‘Software Chat’ section of the forum…

  • switched to Vista x86 Ultimate, don’t wanna use XP now 😉

  • Been using vista ultimate for nearly 3 month. No problem.

  • Just installed Vista Home Premium on my laptop along with XP (Dual Boot) and so far everything works….sortof, but powerarchiver can’t extract ISO files properly, unlike in XP.:mad:

  • Many people run vista. I also use in my computer.