PA 2007 RC1 – Configuration bug

  • From the Configuration dialog, if Enable PowerArchiver Queue is disabled (unchecked) the setting is not remembered upon the next reboot. (It’s remembered on the next execution of PA, but not after a warm-start of the machine. Weird.) I’m using Windows XP SP2.

  • I think you have made the same “mistake” I did. I can’t find the relevant thread but the basic explanation is -

    the icon in the system tray is NOT for PA Queue - it is for PA Starter.

    To use the queue, PA Starter must be running - however, PA Starter can run even if Queue is disabled.

    So if you selected Queue at installation, PA Starter was added to the Windows start up. Now disabling queue does not remove the PA Starter from Windows run in the registry.

  • conexware

    also, PA currently remembers last setting that was loaded… so if you have 2 copies of PA loaded at the time, and change some setting in first one and quit, those changes will be nulled once you quit 2nd copy.

  • Yup, that fixed it. Thanks.

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