PA 2007 RC1 Password Manager

  • PA Crew,

    I use your Password Manager on a regular basis at home and work in order to encrypt files and not have to re-enter my password each time I open it.

    However, On uninstall and update of the new RC1 I lost all my saved passwords. (I understand that this would happen)

    Is there a way in future that I can export a dll or copy a reg file which contains my saved passwords and on install of new version or on new computer I can copy across the file to the PA Directry??

    This would be a great way of ensuring all systems can access encrypted content but the user doesnt know what the password is too!

    Please help as I dont want to have to re-enter all my passwords again on the next release of your fantastic product :) “apple with that sir”

  • conexware

    did you uninstall before RC1? And if so, why?

  • I uninstalled Beta10 due to an issue with upgrading from 9 to 10beta which was raised in the forum.

    I have recently just uninstalled the old version and made a clean install to ensure that its issue free. “esspecially when dealing with betas”

    is it possible to extract the data in Password Manager? obvisoly this would be encoded or encrypted so you can’t read it raw.

  • conexware

    you can save PPM registry key and just execute it later on… but you have to do it on the same system, you can transfer it to another computer…

  • it doesnt work, I exported the following key before i cleared the passwords


    “Directory”=“C:\Program Files\PowerArchiver\POWERARC.EXE”

    then clicked on it to activate the settings and they arnt there.

    The Passwords Stored in PA Password Manager must be kept somewhere in a file or Registry if I could find it I would be able to keep regular backups.

  • conexware

    Its very close:

  • Cheers! tested and works! and the passwords pluss location in the registry streem are encoded so I a user can see the result!

    I created a self extracting registry file of the passwords and deployed it on my network at home to update each users system and everyone was able to use an encrypted file without having to input a password!

    (I can see this coming in very handy security wise!) Thanks PA!

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