PA 2007 RC1 GZip Extraction Error

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    I have started receiving errors with RC1 when trying to extract a 79KB file using the PowerArchiver > Extract Here content menu entry.

    The error is:

    Error writing to a file. Possible reasons: Disk full or no write permission.

    I do have write permission and there is approx 233GB free on the drive I am trying to extract to.

    I have linked the file here which I am using that creates the error. Unable to attach as the file type is not supported here. I know it isn’t a problem with the archive, I have re-downloaded and extracted with previous versions of PA fine.

    Thanks, Andrew Robinson.

    Note: Although I do receive this message, PA seems to extract all files from the archive without problems, so I believe this error is being called in error.

  • conexware


  • conexware


    The issue will be fixed in Final release!

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