Unattended backup

  • I’m evaluating to buy PA 2004 to use in my backup routine (now I use Genie Backup Manager but trial period ended and I don’t like it very much).
    Before testing it I have a question: is PA 2004 able to run unattended backup by command line? I mean I create PBS (or self-extracting EXE) and launch it without opening PA 2004 GUI: something like “powerarchiver.exe mybackup.PBS” (and maybe an option to make it self-extracting if it isn’t wroten into PBS).
    Yes, I know there is a command line ver (PACL) but I suppose I can’t use it to select file and folders (it doesn’t has GUI to do it).

    I hope I was clear and someone reply me :-)

  • Yes, you can create a PBS (PowerArchiver Backup Script) which can then be run e.g. from the task manager.

    See also http://www.powerarchiver.com/forums/showthread.php?t=187

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