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PAE overwrite issue

  • No biggie, but something i noticed… Let’s say i have a PAE SFX file. I run it, and i click Decrypt, and choose to overwrite a file of the same name—say, file.doc. When i do this, file.doc on my computer is deleted. When i’m asked for my password, i think, “Crap! i forgot my password!” I click OK to cancel… my file.doc reappears magically for a second, and then disappears again.

    What is this? I’ve tried it with other PAE and passworded ZIP files without that problem… just the PAE SFX. I ran a full search for the lost file and came up with nothing.

    I’m using Windows XP Home.

  • conexware

    well PAE sfx is completly different code that PowerArchiver, so it behaves differently.

    We will check it out.


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