Crash with version 10.00.24

  • I upgraded today to the latest version, changed some settings (they were lost during the update) and closed PA. The crash appeared, PA Starter also closed itself. This happened to a XP SP2 computer.

  • Yep I have experienced the same and raised a forum regarding the matter.

    So far thats 3 users that have expeirenced the same issue.

    The issue appears when a user makes a change to the “View Archive Folder Bar”. Whenever you select or deselect it within the configuiration menu or using the icon within PA on close it pops up with the error message.

    There is yet a fix even though myself and another user has sent a copy of our registry to the PA Team.

    I wonder if this has been fixed in the latest Beta release 7?

  • Well done PA looks like this has been fixed in Beta 7

    “NOTE: You will require to restart your system to notice the difference, should that not work uninstall PA restart then do a fresh install then restart”

    The reason is that on my home PC It worked asap without restart. However, trying it on my work system I needed to install then restart.

    My home is a 32bit AMD and my work is a 64bit AMD.

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