Extract to filename\ - bug- PA2007 B6 (FIXED)

  • When I have 2 archives like:

    and choose 2 archives and select options *Extract to filename*
    the both archives unpack only to one folder like:
    1\abc\012.jpg and 1\xyz\789.jpg

    but it should be like that:

    I use PowerArchiver 2007 10.00.22 Beta 6

  • I also have an extraction problem. When I right click a zip file I used to see Extract To: but that option is no longer there. I have gone into the configuation and under Shell Extension - Extraction and have the extraction types on the right side but it does not appear in the windows explorer.

    I am using the 2007 B6 version. I have tested this under Windows XP SP2 and Vista Ultimate RTM.

    Any ideas?


  • Not fixed in PowerArchiver 2007 10.00.24 Beta 7

  • conexware


    The issue should be fixed in Beta 8.

  • Fixed in PowerArchiver 2007 10.00.26 Beta 8

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