Creating New with B6

  • Using the old interface, select “New” and try to make an archive. No matter what you select (7-zip, BH, Lhz, etc…) you get a zip archive instead. And you cannot change it in the Add window.


  • Doesn’t matter if Classic or Modern.
    The NEW window “remembers” what the previous Save AsType setting was and uses that!

    Press NEW - type is ALL
    Change type to CAB
    Archivename.ZIP is created

    Press NEW - type is CAB
    Change type to LZH
    Archivename.CAB is created

    Press NEW - type is LZH
    Change type to 7z
    Archivename.LZH is created


  • conexware

    As an workaround, type in extension you wish to use, dont select it… that seems to work.


  • conexware


    The issue should be fixed in Beta 7.

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