Retus! pro

  • i have recently started usind retas!PRO in my school and i have really found it very helpful. i would like to know that whether i could download it. please help me if u know any download site. also i would like to know about good tutorials and download sites for other animation or 3D softwares.

  • Dont you mean RETAS!PRO?

    You can visit their website at;

    Where you can download a demo, I don’t know of any available cracks or serials so you will either have to find them yourself or play with the demo until the time runs out.

  • sorry. i do mean retas!pro. actually the demo supports only certain extensions of files. i searched a lot of torrent sites but i did not come to find any full version. anyway, thanks. but please tell me if anyone knows.

  • I too loooked on Torrent and certain serials sites but couldnt find a thing. I will check again and look on Limewire Pro for you.

  • conexware

    Guys, helllooooo? You are at PowerArchiver’s site - people who live from kind people who decide that our work is good enough for them to purchase it and support it.

    Dont you think that even talking about cracks and torrents on this site is completly inappropriate? :-).

  • Of course! Obviosly if you decide you like the program you should purcahse it but as mentioned above the demo isnt like PA where you have full features until the end of the time given it is restricted and minimizes the options you have to use.

    I was mearly talking about a crack that would allow full use of tools but nothing to take away the 30/60 day trial it offers.

    I am a true beleaver that if you test a product and like it you should purcahse it.

    But I also beleave that software venders should offer a more generous option for trial purposes.

    How can a person truly decide if the product is right for them if half of the features are disabled?

  • conexware

    you cant, but still, no cracks or torrents on this forum please!

  • at least we agree that software venders that disable features reduce the possibility that a user will purchase their program.

    And may I make it clear that Cracks, Serials are illigal and ruin the software market for everyone.

    If you like a program buy it because just like everything in this world “supply and demand comes into effect” the more demand the cheaper the products get. “unless the developer gets gready and decides to up it anyways!”

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