Power Archiver Opens When Windows Program Is Opened

  • A weird problem indeed….

    Whenever I open a native Windows program (i.e. calculator, notepad, etc…) the power archiver window opens up instead asking to password protect the file!

    If I cancel the action and restart the application all is well.

    Any assistance on solving this would be greatly appreciated.

    Running Win XP SP2 all patches, 2.8 GHz P4 1 MB Ram computer. Virus clean, trojan clean, spyware clean, adware clean, HiJack This log does not show any abnormal entries.

  • conexware

    weird… what version of PowerArchiver are you using?


  • spwolf,

    This started with version 9.60 and has continued on and off since that time. I removed the app (9.64) and removed any entry from the registry referring to PowerArchiver or Power Archiver. I reinstalled the app (9.64) and have not had any problems so I’ll post back if the problem returns.


  • Just Be careful when removing registry items, if you dont know what you are doing dont do it!

    Maybe someone who has expereince with PA Registry Items can let us know there source and how to correctly delete them.

    I have a good understanding of registry values and structure but would need to spend some time looking up PA’s values. so If someone has done this already then great share the knolage please.

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