Old '2006 Icons for PA 2007 (WinXP)?

  • Hi!

    I tried the new PA 2007 (B6) yesterday.

    Is it possible to use the “old” file-icons from PA 2006 with the new 2007 edition?
    I dont really like the new ones :/ They are way to bright and appeal very sterile (and the old ones show the archive type in list and details view).

    I still have all PA*95.ico files in my “ICONS” folder.
    Thanks in advance.

  • conexware

    rename old ones and replace new ones with them? That should work…

  • @spwolf:

    rename old ones and replace new ones with them? That should work…

    Simple but working - maybe to simple for me ^^"
    Thanks :)

  • We have all had talks withing the forums regarding developing Icon packs in the future so you could have 2007 and have all the old icons or have 2007 old style non ribbin menu with all the new icons or any other icons that have been made.

    PA have tried their hardest to make quality icons in the new version that are capable of runing in Vista that require a higher resolution. This in effect has increased the size of each icon and thus increasing the file size.

  • Regarding the icons you will need to rename them all so instead of the icon ending with “95” it ends with “100” I have done this for you and compressed them using 7z.

    You will need to delete the icons folder in Powerarchivers directory and create a new one then restart your computer.

    I would make a back up of the 2007 Icons 1st just incase you want to go back.

    I now have beta 7 2007 with 2006 Icons and its great as I can see what archives im going to open without having to open them or click on properties 1st!

  • Thanks for your effort, Sir Richard.
    I’ve already renamed it, but this will surly help other people ^^

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