HELP ME! I need to compress all my files

  • Ok so heres my dilema. I have 180GB of hard drive and i have stored movies, pictures and programs & I need to compress them. I don’t know how to make it so I don’t lose quality and can make it free up some space on my hard drive.:confused: For example I ripped dvds to folders and they have VOB files and I copied all my music to my computer. How do I compress this so it takes up less space?!!! I can’t get an external hard drive at the moment so untill then I need to make everything smaller. Any help would be greatly greatly apreciated. If you have tips or any comments don’t hesistate to do so! :D Thanks:)

  • conexware

    you need to use some dvd rip utility to rip dvds… same goes for your cd’s, you need to rip them to mp3’s or some other format by using some utility.

    Maybe go to and see what is best rated program in those categories.

    rest of the files you can compress with PowerArchiver to save some space - but if you just copied dvd’s from your dvd, that is going to be your biggest space saver there…

  • In your context “compressing” has a different meaning to the compression offered by PowerArchiver.

    Most popular “media formats” are already compressed and will not give you any saving of disk space if you try to Zip or 7-zip etc them.

    … I ripped dvds to folders and they have VOB files …

    As spwolf answered, you can save space by ripping to a different format.
    For more details/ideas refer:

    Note: mpeg2 / mpeg4 are “compressed” formats.

    …I copied all my music to my computer…

    Again depends on the file type/format.
    Maybe converting from e.g. .wav to .wma or .mp3 would reduce filesize without a noticible loss of quality.
    Note: wma / mp3 are “compressed” formats.

    …i have stored … pictures …

    Again depends on the file type/format.
    If your pictures are “bit mapped” ( .bmp) then converting to .jpg or .png will reduce the filesize without a noticible loss of quality.
    Note: .jpg / .png are “compressed” formats.

    When your dvds, pictures, music is converted into one of the compressed formats, further attempts to compress the files using e.g. Zip or 7z could actually INCREASE the amount of disk space required.

    The only way to reduce disk space further would be to collect them into a single file or groups of files (improving the actual block size used on the hard disk); for this you could try TAR format - with NO compression.

    … i have stored programs …

    Do you mean the program installation (setup) files or the actual folder(s) from e.g. “Program Files” folder.

    Most setup files are already compressed and so the above warnings apply again.

    Of course, after converting/compressing, to then view/play your files, you will need sufficient free disk space to allow the extraction from the archive first.

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