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  • hi
    I have Powerarchiver 2002 running on a win98 box. I made an exe file from a jar file. When I try to run this file from command prompt no errors are thrown up, but nothing else happens either. What am I doing wrong?
    Another thing when I write a file name on the textbox “Run command line after extraction”,(say, setup.exe), I get the message “File setup.exe not found”. Can someone guide thru the procedure of making an exe file from a jar file which can run.

    thanx and regards,
    ashish roy

  • conexware

    You are running a little bit old version. Can you please try with newest one - PowerArchiver 2004 v9.00?

  • Not sure if this is what Ashishroy is meaning but:
    PA 9.00.31
    Start PA
    Open a JAR archive
    Actions - Make .EXE file

    Generates error message - “Check to be sure that the Zip file exists” ??

    As PA cannot do this, I would have thought that the “Make EXE file” should not be available!?
    Eg it is not available for 7zip / BlakHole / Tar.gz files.

  • conexware


    The issue will be fixed in next release!

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