Beta 4: Typing in extract-explorer-tree

  • Hi.

    I have the same problem, we had with PA2006.
    When I use the extraction-folder-tree, I usually type the folder name starts to fast-find the folder to extract to.

    Program Files
    | –-- AProgram
    | ---- BProgram
    | ---- CProgram
    | ---- DProgram
    | ---- PartyProgram
    | ---- PBum
    | ---- Powerarchiver
    | ---- PWW
    | ---- SProgram
    | ---- TProgram

    I would type “PO” to get to the Powerarchiver-Directory and choose it for extraction.
    This does not seem to work for me anymore ?


  • can you do a simple check to seeif it is not windows languesges and hange german to english zand try and let s know the results. Juts a thought.

  • Actually, it was working before, so I dont see a reason why it stopped working.
    It is an English XP just with the MUI German.

    I definitely tried to use keys, that are not german based.
    In my last try it was “PMAIL” and before that it was “program files”.
    both plain english words with no characters on a german keyboard and even no Z or Y, which are the other way around on a german keyboard.

    Do you mean that ?


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