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  • I have the queue enabled. I extracted 2 spanned rars. The first one had a filesize of 15. The second of 9.8.

    The funny thing happed when extracting. They both extracted at the same time instead of queuing. It turns out PA looks at the filesize of the file you have selected.

    I would think PA sees the whole spanned rar (700MB) as one file.

    Is this the behavior?


  • no one has a view on this?


  • conexware

    you can disable the Queue minimum file size, check in Config> Queue…

  • I know, thats what I did to solve the problem.

    So it seems on a spanned rar, the filesize is the file and not the size of the archive?


  • conexware

    yes, it is currently not “that” smart to calculate… we might lower the size down to 9 MB just because of that… I thought most usenet files were 15 MB? Which should work fine with our standard 10 MB setting…?

  • Most movies are 50 MB
    Series are 15 or 20 MB

    But what I see more is that a lot of small apps are packed in files of 10mb. But this is like 9,8 mb so PA thinks is has to extract. I set my config to 5 mb.


  • 9 works fine. You can close thread


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