PA2007 Beta 4 heavy problems

  • Hi.

    I have huge problems using PA2007 / beta 4.
    As you find in the attached images, I will get a weird message at start and cannot end powerarchvier due to the second message.
    I already uninstalled completely.


  • It would be helpful to describe the steps necessary to produce your problem (i.e. precisely what were you doing that led up to the errors?). What is your OS, etc.

  • No Problem.
    It actually appears right after installation and at every start.
    First installation was an upgrade from Beta 3.
    I am running a Windows XP Multi-Language Edition with German Language-Pack running (this is also stated in my signature btw.).

    I just have to start PA for it to happen. It is reproduceable every time.
    I did a full uninstall and then tried to reinstall with no change :-(

  • conexware

    nice, thank you!

  • Shell extension is also not working at all.
    Neither extract to… nor Extract to folder.
    An open through double click will open powerarchiver, give the error on start and then will NOT load the double tabbed zip.
    I have to manually open the file through the menu.


  • conexware

    did you try restarting after installation?

    what is double tabbed zip?


  • yes, restarted a couple of times.
    before install, after install, before deinst etc.

    tabbed should have meant tapped :-)
    just a typo.

    Regards and good night

  • Ok, now I am really stuck.
    The beta3 installation does not work anymore.
    It comes up with a requester showing the temp-directory as installation source.
    I never got the PA to uninstall correctly, so I had to stop the process.
    it looks like the MSI installation is buggy as it does not react on some situations.

    I will try to clean my system if possible.

    Regards Thorsten

  • Maybe it helps.
    Anytime the installation stucks, the _PASetup.exe takes nearly 100 % CPU and will never stop.

  • conexware

    did you uninstall Beta 4 properly through Add/Remove programs?

  • conexware

    If you cant, because you deleted files from the folder, download Beta 4 again and run it… it will give you an option to Uninstall then.

  • Ok.
    I have found the problem.
    Somehow the permissions on the HKCU\Software\Powerarchiver was not set right.
    Administrator had only read-access.
    This leads to the problem, that the deinstall hangs, the start cannot write the settings, so that seems to be the message.

    Kind Regards

  • conexware

    Although I don’t know who set read-access rights, I have done some changes so this error message doesn’t show in the future even if the access is read-only.

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