Add a folder with folder information

  • Hi.

    I have one to-do, which I really dont know how to do it.
    I have a folder structure

    –- folder1
    — folder2
    — folder3

    Now I open a ZIP just files inside. I want to add eg. folder2 plain so that it will be in a subfolder inside the ZIP.
    | file1.ext
    | file2.ext
    | file3.ext
    | — folder2

    I somehow dont find a way to do that.
    If I just use add, mark the folder and have “Store relative paths” activated, the files will end in main folder.
    If I use the option “Store full paths” I will get too much path information inside.

    So how do I do this ?
    I am using 10.00.16 of PA.

    Kind Regards

  • conexware

    enable checkmark in Configuration> Misc> Use normal relative path… and it will work great…


  • Great.
    Didnt know that this option exist :-)
    Thanks a lot and Happy New Year


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