My PA 2007 impressions

  • Hello!

    I’m a new Power Archiver user and I have some comments and suggestions regarding latest 2007 beta versions.

    First, some GUI ones:

    • SFX Wizard text is not centered correctly, there is one more pixel on the right side; there are two ways to solve this little glitch: 1. the hard way - redesign (resize) all windows in that menu; 2. the easy way - use two rows for writing SFX Wizard; there is enough room to do it and it could be done easily :)

    • could you center Volumes text? It would look better in my opinion

    • how about making this possible: clicking on the icon (or Help) would send you directly to Help topics and on the arrow to the other options?

    I’ve found a small problem with View options: click a couple of times on different options and there will be always two options checked like in the picture below.

    And some requests:

    • could you move the text to the left side of the columns? It is looking confusing in certain cases (illustrated below) in current view

    • could you make last options dialog to be the default one when I look again through the options? Currently, clicking on the options windows will always send me to the same place…

    • after changing an option/dialog/etc or trying to modify something and pressing ok/cancel PA will always send me to the default archive folder; this one is a really annoying behaviour and I can’t understand it. Why shouldn’t I be in the same folder after trying to modify something?

    • memory consumption could be improved a little bit, the beta takes about 40 MB of my system

    • same thing about performance: it takes visible time (~ 2 seconds) only to start and archive a small folder; I have a Barton XP 2500+ and 1 GB RAM so this shouldn’t take so long

  • conexware

    interface - most of the changes are planned. Columns are aligned as in Windows though.

    Memory usage depends on what you are using - use classic interface with classic view, and it will be much smaller.

    Use modern interface, with explorer view, and it has to take more memory due to custom controls.

    It is mostly shared memory though, actual memory in use is more like 10 MB.

  • Almost all UI glitches were fixed in the latest version, good job.

    There is only one I could see for now: the white space that sorrounds the text in the Check for new version window.

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