PA 2007 B4: Explorer Shell extensions not working on Vista

  • Hello,

    follow-up from the previous thread.
    Under Vista x64 (Rc1 build 5744), I cannot get the shell extensions on folder or archive files.
    Fresh install of PA 2007 B4 with default option after de-installation of PA 2007 B3
    I did not try under XP x64.
    I’ll admit that, even with Sir Richard’s explainations, I cannot figure out how the shell extension options panel works.

    On the plus side, the drag/drop from Rar archives is working like a charm.


  • conexware

    Did you try restarting your computer after installation? Try that and see if that works.

    If it doesnt, check Options, Configuration, Shell extensions and see if there are shell extensions selected.


  • I’m running Vista Ultimate X64 RTM and under B1 - B4, I’ve not been able to get the Shell extensions to work.

  • Hello,

    restarting the computer did not make any changes.
    On the screenshot attached, here are the Options/Configuration/Shell Extensions dialog


  • conexware

    thanks, we will take an look for B5

  • conexware


    Can you please check the following registry key:


    and see the default value?

  • Hello,

    OK, I got it.
    The default value is C:\Program Files\PowerArchiver\PASHLEXT.DLL.
    On X64, the installation directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\PowerArchiver.
    When I edit the three values {d03d3e68-0c44-3d45-b15f-bcfd8a8b4c7e}, {d03d3e69-0c44-3d45-b15f-bcfd8a8b4c7e} and {d03d3e6A-0c44-3d45-b15f-bcfd8a8b4c7e}
    to point to C:\Program Files (x86)\PowerArchiver\PASHLEXT64.DLL and rebooted the machine, I get the shell extensions.
    I guess the problem exists on XP x64 too.


  • conexware

    Hm, is PowerArchiver installed to C:\Program Files\PowerArchiver\ or C:\Program Files\PowerArchiver (x86)\ directory? Make a clean install after removing all PowerArchiver directories on a hard disk and check…

  • Test Done.
    Uninstalled PA B4, rebooted, checked the registry base: the keys are still there. I removed them by hand.
    Installed PA B4, default installation is C:\Program Files (x86)\Powerarchiver.
    Now the keys are missing from CLSID …
    I tried to disable and re-enable the shell-extensions from PA’s option dialog: does not seem to work.

    I guess removing the keys by hand was a really bad idea. However, I don’t know if these keys were remains of a previous installation of PA 9.6x or PA 10.x

    Luckily, the keys were present in the WOW6432Node hub so I managed to restore them. The Keys in the WOW6432Nove had the proper values.


  • conexware

    It seems as if key pointing to 64bit dll is wrong…


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