Review found what do the makers of pa say

  • I found it misleading and outdated and not very accurate in places


    Common Features Comparison

    YES — Nested context menu entries
    YES — Customizable interface
    YES — Drag-n-drop archive creation
    YES — SFX integration
    NO — 7z + RAR file create/extract
    YES — Batch archive extraction
    Cost: Shareware, $20
    Compression ratio: 1.14; 7z (Fair)
    Compression speed: 25:41 (Very poor)

    PowerArchiver is the choice of many users, taking over a significant share of WinZip’s customers over the past five years. What PowerArchiver has achieved so far is due to its loaded feature set. There’s little PowerArchiver cannot do, but like many applications that do everything, PowerArchiver joins their company in not doing all things well, and because of its weaknesses, it cannot serve as the only archiver on your desktop.

    Surprisingly, PowerArchiver was one of the slowest archivers in our test field. In 2001, PowerArchiver angered many of its users by switching from freeware to shareware. For its features alone, PowerArchiver is worth serious consideration. And if you’re not archiving large files, you won’t mind its archiving speed. But PowerArchiver’s slow compression engine — even for ZIP — along with limited 7z support and lack of RAR creation is a hindrance to our current endorsement of it.


    Broad format support.
    Backup features are well considered.
    Full feature set.
    Excellent Help file.
    Batch archive creation and extraction.
    Well-maintained by its developer.

    Slow archiving speed.
    7z support is currently limited (no comment ability).
    7z archive size larger than other programs that support the format.
    Unable to pause archive operation

  • conexware

    review is review… thats pretty old review that was already commented on these forums.

    I dont think it was good testing really, since they never posted what they actually tested (so it is hard to try to reproduce it).

    We did speed up 7zip though, so I guess none of the cons would be valid for PA 2007? LOL :-).

    p.s. did you guys know that Computer Shopper had PA 2006 as best compression utility in their Best of Technology 2006 edition, (this month).

  • @spwolf:

    Computer Shopper had PA 2006 as best compression utility in their Best of Technology 2006 edition


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