• I don’t know about you lot but on any computer I buy or work ok the 1st thing I install is a firewall, spyware and antivirus checker.

    I allways try and ensure that when installing software i dont just use one package!

    for exmaple i never buy programs like Norton Internet Security “Firewall, Spyware, Virus Checker in one”

    I use Avast! Pro, and Zonealarm Pro with spyware checker and in sync Windows Defender with Spybot!

    So what do you guys “n” girls use and why?

    have you enpereinced problems with software such as mcafee? what do you like about avast? or zonealarm?

    do you know any other antivirus programs like NOD32?

  • I’ve adopted the free approach for my AV. Currently my DSL provider is offering e-Trust anti-virus from CA for free. So I use it on my computers for my AV protection.

    My firewall I use a router with built-in firewall for my first line of defense. On one computer I use BlackIce Defender and the other I use ZA Pro. Two other computers I use the Windows Firewall.

    My spyware software I use MS Defender, Spyboot S&D, and SBC Yahoo Anti-spy software. I have yet to find one spyware software that works 100%. I also occassionally run Ad-aware.

    I had to start looking for free software to protect my computers because I was being nickled and dimed to death just to keep my machines safe to use on the internet. So far I haven’t had any virus or ad-aware outbreaks on any of the machines. I keep them all patched with the latest updates from MS and I have them set to do regular scans.

  • i used to use avast anti virus best virus program around untill i was told by bt that i can have there recommended norton security for free yes free.

    I had several problems with zonealarm thoug i liked it norton is better.

    antispyware i use spybot and ad-aware. used to use windows defender untill they dropped windows 2000 support and the fact that windows defender was so slow at getting updates that by the time they came out spybot was a few definitions ahead.

  • conexware

    I liked KAV a lot when i tried their latest version…. Fprot is awesome (hehe)…

    I used Avast a lot, but after virus slipped true and caused me a lot of grief, I stopped using it…

  • I purchased and used Norton for years and it was a fantastic product till they introduced the active registration system. Since then I have had nothing but problems with it and Find that it doesnt protect you against everything. its virus database is not inteligent enough to pick up new viruses where Avast’s is.

    Also! try uninstalling Norton!! it can cause all sorts of problems if you want to install another virus program or firewall. and check your registry it leaves loads and loads of crap behind.

    I had issues with office documents not opening after i uninstalled norton because it left registry values behind so office was trying to scan the document before open but coulnt so it wouldnt let me in!!!

    Zone alarm and Avast have had there problems in the past but have fixed them!

    Norton had no problems in the past and now they do.

    Also the main reason why BT, Yahoo, Tiscali etc all over norton for free is because Norton are loosing out in sales due to the competitive market!

  • I have purchased Code Signing Certificate from COMODO for my program and tried their AntiVirus and Firewall software:

    They both are free…

    Firewall has some features that even not availbale in many expensive commercial products.
    Antivirus works faster then KAV and NAV…

    Check them out!

  • Now thats what im talking about! anyone got any other software they would like to talk about or provide links to.

    Im hopeing from this users who dont understand security or would like to know of other firewalls or virus checkers will gain something from this forum!

    I personally never knew about Comando firewall or antivirus and now i do i will give it a go!

  • Here is another free antivirus - AVG Free Edition:

  • I’m giving MS new anti-virus software a try and so far I like it!

    Microsoft Anti-virus

  • I am using AVG and so far so good

  • had to switch from buggy avast to avira

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