PowerArchiver crashes when decrypting Rijndael AES 256bit.

  • When descrypting two different encrypted files (with Rijndael AES 256bit), I get PowerArchiver crashing with the same message:

    Access Violation at address 027C2E87 in module ‘PAISO.DLL’ read of address 00000000.

    Additional info:
    PowerAchiver version 9.63.02. My CPU is Core 2 Duo, and I am running Windows Home edition (32bit).

  • conexware

    what are the contents of pae archive? (what kind of files). And what is the file size?


  • One file is ~ 85MB, another ~ 376MB. There is only one file in each encrypted archive. Encrypted files are binary, not text files.

  • conexware

    what format?

  • rar. Does encryption algorithm care what format the encrypting file is?

  • conexware


    rar. Does encryption algorithm care what format the encrypting file is?

    depending on what options you are using, it might be automatically extracting archive as well.

    I cant reporduce this issue easily. Can you please let me know how did you encrypt the archive (from where and what options) and how are you decrypting it?


  • I use shell extension both - to encrypt and decrypt. My moves:
    1. Select a file to encrypt with right mouse button. choose Encrypt.
    2. Change method to Rijndael AES 256 bit (default was Rijndael 128bit).
    3. Check “Delete original file after encryption”.
    4. Check “Hide filename”.
    5. Leave “Create self extracting file” unchecked.
    6. Enter password. My passwords are above 30 symbols in length. Yes, I know, I am too paranoid :)

    Passwords for files I get PowerArchiver chrashed are similar. I have encrypted one more(third) file with self extracting option turned on - it decrypts correctly.

    To decrypt I use:
    1. Click right mouse button on encrypted archive. Select “Extract to c:<path to=”" default="" directory="" for="" archive="">
    2. Enter password.</path>

  • One strange thing. I just tried to encrypt ~135 MB file with the same password I used in one of those archives, which cannot be decrypted without crash. But when I click with the mouse right button on it - it says : “Decrypt to c:\blablabla”, not “Extract to c:\blablabla” as I see in those two archives I am not able to decrypt successfully. Is this significant?

  • I was able to successfully decrypt both files using this procedure:
    1. Start powerarchiver.
    2. Do “Open” and browse to encrypted file. Open it.
    3. After the “enter password” dialog appears, close it (if I enter correct password, PowerArchiver starts decrypting it, and it fails. I can see that, because after some time the label “Decrypting file….” with the progress bar in the status bar disappears, and the list of files inside opened encrypted archive is empty).
    4. Now I can see the file I need to decrypt in the PowerArchiver window. I select it, and click the “Extract” icon in the menu above, enter correct password, path to decrypt the file to, and voila - decryption successful.

  • conexware

    thanks, we will look into it…

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