Unable to Zip Folder

  • Guys “n” Girls,

    Try this,

    Create an empty folder then right click and select Compress to Zip,BH,LZH or TAR and PA goes through the stages of compression but the zip doesnt appear.

    Do the exact same but Compress to CAB or 7z and it creates an archive containing an empty folder.

    I used ZipMagic “stuffit” to do the exact same method and it didnt have a problem with either formats.

    Bug? possibly? and yes im sure your thinking “why would you compress a Empty folder or file?”

    Well because i want to :) and if you use Encrypted Drives that require selected “Key Files” or “Key Paths” to open instead of a password then you may want to back them up and encrypt them even if it contains 0 bytes of data.

  • conexware

    Some engines in PA do not support not compressing any file… As an workaround, you can select one file as well, and then delete it from archive.

    Otherwise, it will not work without any file being compressed.

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