PA 2007 Small Cosmetic Suggestions

  • In the program window it would be nice to have Vista-style gadgets in the top right (Minimize, Maximize, Close) instead of the smallish buttons there now.

    I definitely like the Office 2007-style ribbon bar motif. One added similarity to Office 2007 could be to add the Options dialog button in the PowerArchiver menu (the top-left PA round button) as that would be consistent with Office 2007 programs that use the ribbon. In Word 2007, Excel 2007, etc, when you click the Office logo button in the top right one item you get is the Options dialog for the program.

    Excellent work on PA 2007, by the way. I think you’re setting the bar higher for competing programs again.

  • conexware

    thank you.

    I always thought that Options button there looked tacky and Options tab we have actually is part of our interface, and I think it shows a lot more… Since it gives you many other options as well as config window.

    So we will see - question is what will MS make us do with their licensing, and we still dont know that as their licensing pages have not been updated yet (should have been in November).

    So no changes to Modern toolbar until we know more about that.

    I agree on top right buttons, they will be updated, just a bit neglected right now :-).

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