PowerArchiver 2007 Website?

  • I know you guys have been extreamly busy with building PA 2007 for release.

    I was wondering if you were planing to revamp your website anytime soon?

    And a question to everyone else who use this site is;

    What would you like to see changed on the new site?

    A few of my ideas are as follows;

    1. Live chat site for PA Users only. this would help with Support issues where a user can discuss with someone else live about areas they are expereincing in hope to find a solution.

    2. Also, it would be nice to recieve new serials automatically when a new program has been released instead of having to login and press resend, Or maybe our serial is displayed in My Account.

  • conexware

    PA 2007 site will be live once PA 2007 is out in final version.We cant really send serials automatically, since we have hundreds of thousands of users, it would quite an mess. Once an year loging into your account should not be that hard to do :-).

  • :-D Fair point! Is there anything new in the site that you can tell us or is it top secret?

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