PA2007 - Use same password option doesn't stick

  • The new “Use same password for same session” option in PA2007 (Beta 2) does not stick.

    Setting it has no effect, and it is no longer checked when the configuration dialog is re-opened.

  • conexware


  • conexware


    The issue should be fixed in Beta 3.

  • The checkbox’s state does stick now (in Beta 3), but it doesn’t seem to have an effect on how the program works (or I’m misunderstanding what it is supposed to do).

    Here’s what I’m doing (with “Use same password for same session” on):

    I have a zip file with several .txt files in it protected by PK v2.04g style encryption.

    I open the .zip file, and all the filenames have a ‘+’ next to them (as they should).

    I double-click on one of the files, and PA asks for the password. I enter the password and the file opens in Notepad. All OK so far.

    Now I double-click on another file in the zip (which uses the same password). PA asks for the password again.

    I thought that the “Use same password…” option would tell PA to try the password I entered for the first file before asking me to enter a password again, therefore the 2nd password dialog would not need to be presented.

    In case it matters for this, I have “Enable PowerArchiver Password Manager” disabled, as I do not want passwords stored persistently.

  • conexware

    that is the way it should work… we will check it out.

    It definetly worked few months ago when we implemented it :P

  • conexware


    The issue should be fixed in Beta 4.

  • Thanks! - this is fixed in Beta 4.

    But… I have one minor buglet to report on this. When you try to access a file with a different password then the last one entered, it initially gives an error that says “Error: The password is incorrect.”, which I suppose is true.

    Ideally it should just prompt for the new password (which it does when you dismiss the error message and try again).

    However, this is such a minor issue, and it’s so rare to come across a Zip archive that uses different passwords for files inside it (I’ve only had them for test situations) that I was reluctant to even describe the behavior.

    So feel free to completely ignore this.

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