Extract single file from an archive.

  • Alpha Testers

    Using PA BETA 10.00.13

    I can’t seem to extract an individual file from an archive if Add to Queue is selected, but when it’s unselected it operates as it should. Is this the way it should be ?

    Don’t really understand the Queue option in this new version of PA at all. :o
    Maybe a bit more information about it’s function and how it works could be added to the help file.

    Or how about and idiots guide just for me.;)


  • conexware

    I am not sure if queue works on settings other than all files.

    It is very simple concept, whatever you do in PA, gets added into the queue… so if you select compression of 300 MB folder, and extraction of 55 MB archive, they get added to the queue and PA process’s them one after another, not two in the same time.

    That leaves your computer responsive to do whatever else you want to be doing, since doing several hard disk operations at the same time would slow it down to crawl…

  • Alpha Testers

    Thanks Spywolf

    That helps my understanding of it.


  • conexware

    also, right now it works on add/extract (both main PA and shell) and backups. It doesnt work on tools, since we are assuming that you would want it done right away.

    You can also set minimum size for it to work, and it is at 10 MB right now - so if you want to quickly extract small archive, it will be done right away…

  • conexware

    PowerArchiver Queue doesn’t support extracting few files from archive (only all files).

    But I will make for Beta 3 one workaround that unchecks “Add to Queue” if user selected files and “Add to Queue” is checked by default.