PA 2007 Beta

  • I got the PA 2007 code from the account section of the website. Should I still keep the PA 2006 code until the final version of PA 2007 is released? PA 2007 is still in beta. How long is each beta release?

  • conexware

    you can always get PA 2006 code from your account.

    There are no strict timelines for beta release, usually new betas are released within 7-10 days, but again, no timelines.


  • Are there risks of file corruption when using beta software like PA 2007? Most beta software have warnings to not use on production systems.

  • It gives a notification that it’s beta and it should not be used on production systems. I have been using the beta for a while and it is very stable.


  • conexware

    One noticed bug so far was connected with updating 7-zip archives and will be fixed in BETA 2.

    There has been alpha testing of this version almost 2 months since releasing BETA 1, so I guido said, most things should work even better than in 9.64 version.

    But as it is BETA there is still warning that something may not work as it should.