Encrypting BZip via shell fails

  • Using explorer shell extension (Compress to TAR + Options… ) on a folder.<br />Select compression BZIP<br />Select Option Encrypt Archive (PAE)<br /><br />The creation of Example.tar.bz2 completes OK (file created in current directory).<br /><br />However, PA 9.01.02 then gives an error:<br /><Cannot open file C:\temp\Example.tar.bz2<br />The system cannot find the file specified ><br /><br />Also, after click OK - the compressing dialogue is now left onscreen !?<br /><br />Works OK when done within PA instead of via shell extension.<br />Works OK with Gzip instead of BZip2 !?<br />Edit 1) Does NOT work with Gzip - archive is created but NOT encrypted.<br /><br />This is on Win2k.<br /><br />Edit 2) Oops - should be in Tech Support, not wishlist.<br />PS As I can’t move it - why can’t I delete my post?

  • conexware

    Thanks - I am glad someone found an error in pre-release.

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