Installer bug

  • When I uncheck the option to associate PA with archives, it still tries to do so!
    How do I know this? Well, I installed PA on my university PCs. Every student who logs in has most priviledges stripped. One of them is writing to the registry.
    The installer gave errors, most of which had to do with HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.
    Now, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT deals with file types and associations, right?
    So then this is an installer bug! I even unchecked all 3 boxes, but it yielded the same result! Please fix this!

  • conexware

    No, thats not actually it I dont believe :-). It is PA hiding one of the options (lets not mention which one). There is no way to install PA properly without writing to the registry in any case (among other things, you would not be able to install shell extensions properly).

    I do suggest that you check if any association has been changed, before writing an post about it :-).


  • conexware

    Even when you disable option to associate PA with archives, installation tries to write to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT some other things - information about shell extensions.

    So, don’t worry - file associations are not rewrited. And if user (in you case students) are not able to write anything to HKCR then he just won’t be able to use shell extensions. All other things will work fine.

    PA supports many hidden options for installation on networks and multi-user environment. Contact us via mail more for information about configuring PA in multi-user environment.

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