Grouping of PowerArchiver windows doesn't work

  • Hi, first I want to thank the programmers of PowerArchiver, who made this powerful update to PowerArchiver, especially the 7-zip support is great.

    I noticed that now I use Windows XP Professional SP-1 i cannot group powerarchiver windows. This is not a big problem. I discovered also that when you hold the CTRL + select taskbar windows you can’t set powerarchiver next to other windows. I would like to have this feature added, so you can handle multiple windows faster.

  • grouping works on mine, but it took me 9 instances of PA to group. seems a bit high… i thought this was a global option or something for windows? perhaps PA is not obeying this the way it should?

    also, once they are grouped doing a right click -> close group doesn’t work either. it only closes the top instance.

    edit: the ‘tips’ being open is what causes close group not being able to work.

  • conexware

    Hm, I never used this Windows feature so first I must see how it works, and is there any way to “tell” Windows about group. I also don’t know is this features only for Microsoft applications or all other applications and how it should work when you click on “Close group”. I will check it.

  • conexware

    Isnt grouping automatic when you have too many taskbars? In that case, it works fine with PowerArchiver…

    Is there any other way for Windows to use grouping that we dont know of?

  • I totally forgot I had post here. Sorry for my late response.

    However the error still exists in PowerArchiver 9.2. I ment like behaviour when using Internet Explorer or whatever program when holding Control button and then selecting multiple windows from the taskbar in Windows XP. Right-click after that on the taskbar and you get choice to handle the windows trapswise, next to eachother, above and under eachother or close the group. It would be fantastic if you could set a PowerArchiver window next to an explorer window and drag and drop files more easily.

  • Since this issue is still not solved here a screenshot of what a mean:

    BTW, I use Dutch version of Windows XP

    Hold CTRL and select powerarchiver window and another window (like explorer). THan right-click on the selected taskbar-button. Not working!!!

    BTW, this is one of this new Windows XP feautures. Why not use them anyway?

  • conexware

    You mean hold ctrl and click on 2 different application taskbar buttons and then right click on one of them? What is the option that you are looking for?

    It seems to work here, but I am using internal version. However, no specific changes were made to accomodate this, it is an Windows feature that should work with any Windows program automatically.

  • Doesn’t work here with PA 9.21 on XP Home SP2. For example, I selected four taskbar icons (2 PA and 2 others) and then chose Tile Horizontally. The operation was only performed on the two other windows, not on the two PA windows (they stayed the same as before the operation).

    PM me with a link to the new internal version and I will try it out to see if it works.

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