Make new archive using Backup feature

  • Hi all,

    Im wondering if anyone knows if the backup feature will allow me to create a new archive each time I run a backup. The data that Im working with is full of files that need to be saved at different points in time. Once a backup is made, none of the files will be updated again.

    For example, I want to have a monthly backup run. I created a script for each month of the year that will run. It would be nice if I could have one script set to create a monthly backup, and each month it creates a new archive based on the new time stamp.

    Monthly_backup_10_2004 etc

    Does anyone know if the program will let me do this? I guess I could make a batch file that moves the archive before the backup script runs, but I would rather not have the extra step in there.

    thanks, Partial

  • conexware

    I am assuming you did not try PowerArchiver yet?
    If you did, you would have noticed the time stamp options in backup wizard :-).


  • spwolf,

    I meant those time stamps to represent the ones created by PowerArchiver. But from what I can see, there are two options - Add and Replace or Freshen existing files. Add/Replace will create a new archive with the new time stamp but delete the old one. Freshen will compare contents and update the old archive.

    There is also an option to “do not delete the original backup file.” But this option still writes to the original archive.

    I want a script called Monthly that runs each month and saves a new archive based on the time stamp while ignoring any archives that may be present.


  • conexware

    I dont understand. If you create new archive filename based on timestamp, PA will not updated the old archive but use new one with new timestamp, right?

    Just use “Add timestamp to backup archive” option, and it should work perfect.

    Or am I completly missing your point?


  • Amazing…I make a whole frickin post about this and you’re right, the Archiver will just save the archive with a new time stamp. Thats exactly what I wanted it to do. It only replaces if the file name is the same.

    thanks spwolf, you set me straight… and you’re thinking, this guy is an idiot

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