Wrong failure message in password protected RAR files (PA 9.01)

  • if you enter a wrong password in

    multivolume password protected RAR files

    PA gives you a wrong failure message:

    “There is a CRC error on archive xy
    Volume: xy”

    I think the correct Failure message must be

    “The entered password is wrong, please try again.”

    Otherwise the user really thinks his archive is broken !!!

    I didn’t check if this bug also happens on ZIP archives. But maybe you can have a look at this problem ;)


  • conexware


    it is not really an problem. When you enter wrong password for RAR archive, you end up with unusable file with bad crc, hence the bad crc message.

    There is no real way to be sure that the password is actually wrong and archive has not been damaged instead. Even WinRar itself shows bad crc message, with small “bad password?” line. You simply cant be sure, since to be sure you would have to store password somewhere in the file and that would be very insecure.

    We could check if we could change it so it shows possibility of bad password when unrar.dll sends us bad crc error code IF it is extracting from encrypted archive, however I am not sure if we have that flexibility within unrar.dll.

    In any case, bad crc is actually correct error message which unrar.dll throws out when you enter bad password.


  • maybe you can modify the error message like in WinRAR and shows an additional phrase

    “Probable you have enter a bad password”

    so the user knows that there are 2 possible solutions for his problem

    • bad password
    • bad archive

  • this is a unrar.dll problem and should be reported in the winrar makers as its ther dll that is fault with the error message. Powerarchiver are only allowed to use the unrar.dll so they are bound by that code, hence the problem.

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