Folder problem

  • I am using PowerArchiver 2004, not sure if this is fixed in PA2006. But this is a problem that really should be addressed.
    In PA2004, if I try to add more than one folder at a time, it seems to put each set of files into their correct relative folders (yes I have checked Save relative Folder Info). This only seems to actually appear when I use View->Explorer Style, but it does indeed seem to work.
    The problem is if I try to add just one folder. In this case, PA does not save that top level folder path! It thinks “hey there is only one top folder to save so i don’t need to save that folder name in the path.”
    When I want to drag a folder into a ZIP archiver, I ALWAYS want that top level folder name saved! This is default behavior in WinZip and should be default behavior in PA.
    Is there any way around this?

  • conexware

    yes… download PA 2006, and use “Normal relative path” in Config> Misc.


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