Compress by Command Prompt

  • Hey.

    Is it possible, to write a command promt in Power Archiver ?
    (like arj a - etc.)

    I need a cmd file to plan a daily zip action in the Task Scheduler.



  • Not for compressing, but your PowerArchiver License also gives you a License for PACL which is the “command line” version. :D

    Note: PACL does not (yet) support ZIP > 2GB. :(

  • Thanks.

    I used this:

    pacomp -a -r -c2 d:\usertemp\ w:\alle\user_tmp*.*

    The Folder W:\alle\user_tmp includes many folder.
    The program compress all files, but he copy all files into d:\usertemp\

    Without the many folders ?

    Please Help.

  • conexware

    Is the problem that paths are not saved or that you dont see them, or that subfolders are not added?

    IE. Does changing View> Explorer display style show you the folders?


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